Frequently asked phone unlocking questions and answers

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General Q&A

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    What is Phone unlocking?

    Most of the Phones are sold as "SIM Locked" and this lock restricts the use of Phone with one particular network. The Locking and Unlocking of Phone is maintained by either manufacturer or network service provider which is controlled via IMEI number. we offer a IMEI based unlocking which is done directly with either phone manufacturer or locked network service provider by the help of unlock code. our unlocks are permanent and doesn't void your warranty and your phone remains unlocked updating your firmware or baseband versions. you can safely upgrade to any firmware anytime without any fear of relocking.

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    Which Phones you can unlock?

    Currently we offer unlock solution for Samsung phones from almost any gsm networks worldwide, our unlocking supports all baseband and firmware versions. we do permanent unlocking via IMEI unlock code, which removes SIM lock on your phone with just few simple steps. And enable your Phone to use with any GSM network worldwide

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    Why should i unlock my Phone?

    Unlocking your Phone has many benefits top of them are, You can use any GSM network of your choice. Resell value of your Phone is increased by 100%. If you travel to overseas you can use local sim card and avoid expensive roaming charges.

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    Is unlocking my Phone legal?

    Yes, it is legal in most of the countries.

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    Do i have to send my Phone for unlocking?

    No, you don't need to send your Phone to us for unlocking. we offer remote Phone unlocking service which is completed via unlock code. Once your order will be completed your unlock code will be send to you via email.

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    I don't know the locked network of my Phone, can you still unlock it?

    No problem, just contact our support team with your phone details so we can better assist you with that.

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    My Phone network is not listed on your site, can you still unlock it?

    May be, just contact us with your phone details so we can better assist you if we have a solotion for this as we are continually expanding our service to more locations and networks.